Cloud Settlement Platform

Negotiate, share documents, and sign agreements with 1000s of providers all on one cloud based platform.

How It Works

Our platform is for attorneys, insurance carriers, and other payors. So skip all the unanswered calls and voicemails. We put you in direct contact with the decision maker at each organization you intend to negotiate a settlement with.

Create Incident & Upload Docs

First you will open an incident, assign it to a provider, and attach all the relevant documents. The provider will then enter a proposed settlement amount. This is the amount they are willing to settle the incident for right now.

Negotiate & Sign Settlement

After receiving the proposed settlement the payer has the option to either accept the settlement or make a counter offer. When everyone agrees on a settlement amount, we will generate an agreement for all parties to eSign.

Receive Funds & Release Lien

Once the agreement is signed, the payer sends the settlement amount to the provider. Once the provider receives the funds, they will release the lien, removing any pending liability related to the incident.


Why Attorneys and Insurance Carriers Love our Platform

Before Claim Connector, negotiating 3rd part liability claims carried with it an enormous amount of overhead. In each case, you had to find the right person to talk to at an organization, draft your own agreements, and then finally negotiate a settlement. Reaching a settlement with each provider consumed hours of your time with countless phone calls, emails, and faxes.

Claim Connector takes care of all of this leg work. You send us a list of the claims you want to attempt to settle. We reach out to each of the providers, and supply you with a software solution for negotiating settlements.

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Why Hospitals and Other Medical Providers Love our Platform

On average a provider will have to wait over 200 days to receive final payment from a third-party liability claim. Often these claims are never paid at all because the provider doesn’t know who the liable party actually is, and doesn’t have the resources to research each claim individually. Instead they file a lien on a patient who doesn’t pay.

Claim Connector takes these problem cases and turns them into revenue for the provider through discounted early resolution. We research each claim and attempt to determine the liable party. The provider can then offer a settlement and often get paid in less than 2 weeks.


Direct Negotiation

We put you in contact with the correct decision maker at each organization you intend to negotiate a settlement with.

Professional Agreements

We provide high quality, legally binding settlement agreements drafted specifically for discounted early resolution of 3rd party claims.

Faster Payments

The average 3rd party liability claim stays in accounts receivable over 6 months. With our platform it generally takes less than 2 weeks.

Insightful Analytics

We condense all the activity data related to your organization into a visual format so that you can track your team's performance at a glance.

Top-Notch Security

We ensure that every technical, physical and administrative safeguard is in place to protect the integrity of your data.

Friendly Support

From basic questions to complex compliance inquiries, our highly trained support team is always here to help.

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